Champagne Bollinger La Grande Annee 2007

一直很好奇為什麼Champagne Bollinger 不推出2006年的年份香檳,不過其實Bollinger 本身就不是Fruit Bomb 類型的香檳,因此跳過了2006年也不足為奇。終於,年份香檳 La Grande Annee 2007 昨日在香港發佈了,和出口經理Bastien Mariani 先生品嘗這出色年份。烤烘和果香配合好像剛各焗起的桃子批,氣泡的口感順滑幼細,帶青檸、柚子、蜜餞的味道,配合清爽酸度,相信再加以陳年必定更加精彩。

Champagne Bollinger La Grande Annee 2007 launched in Hong Kong with Mr Bastien Mariani, the Export Manager of Champagne Bollinger.
The toastiness and fruit aroma combined which made it like a freshly baked peach pie, the bubbles are creamy and smooth. On palate, there’s dried apricot, honey, Japanese Yuzi , the acidity was clean and refreshing.

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