Spottswoode Winery


不過今次和Spottswoode的釀酒師Aron Weinkauf

吃飯,他帶來了2011及2012的Cabernet Sauvignon,都是重身的,但突出的更多是香料味。


我最喜歡2011年的,當年天氣較涼,果味因此較收斂,找到更多的玉桂和檀香味,使我想起St. Julien 的酒。

多謝Upper Modern Bistro的品酒師為我們的Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc 2015 配上他們著名的芝士拼盤,及CitiCellar的邀請。

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Great pleasure having lunch with Wine Maker and Vineyard Manager, Mr. Aron Weinkauf of Spottswoode. I was not a big fan of the napa red because of its full body, coconut, caramel and intense fruit flavors. However, Aron brought me the Spottswoode’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 and 2012, which still has its intensity and structure, but it has more spices like cinnamon and sandalwood. The vintage 2011 impressed me the most, despite it’s cool weather, the elegance, tobacco and cocao reminded me St. Julien.

Thanks for the Sommelier of Upper Modern Bistrol, the Spottswood Sauvignin Blanc 2015 paired with their famous cheese platter

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