《Gambero Rosso》Special Awards 2016

意大利的葡萄酒指南中《Gambero Rosso》是最具影響力的,今天參加了Vini d’Italia 2016 Special Awards的Masterclass。

今次試的不是他們著名的 『三杯酒』,而是九個年度大獎,除了一般的年度 氣酒,紅酒,白酒,甜酒之外,還有年度酒莊、 獨立酒莊、 新晉酒莊。連最抵飲和可持續種植也有大獎。

The Gambero Rosso wine ratings in Vini d’Italia are built up on the number of glasses (bicchieri) awarded to a wine, which is indicated in the wine guide with a number of stylized glasses next to the wine’s name.

Today, I have been the the Masterclass of the special awards(of the year), they are: Sparkler, Best Value for money, white, red, sweet, sustainable viticulture, grower of the year , up-and-coming winery, winery of the year .

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