Benromach Whisky

Richard Urquhart是Gordon & Macphail家族的第四代,即Benromach Whisky 單一麥芽威士忌的主人

他們 Benromach 的三名釀酒師認真地用最傳統的方法釀造威士忌,由製作麥芽到灌桶都是他們的經驗和手工。

Speyside (斯佩賽)產區製造出來的威士忌,果香與花香比較明顯,而這支Benromach 10年因為最後一年用過Oloroso 雪莉桶的原故,在肉桂和柑橘皮的看味下,有悠長的雪利酒香和黑朱古力味餘韻。


Richard Urquhart is the 4th Generation of the Gordon & Macphail Family, which is the owner of the Benromach Distillery.

They position themselves as “Handcraft Whisky” as their 3 distillers use the finest natural ingredients, and the most traditional method to make gorgeous classic pre-1960s Speyside Whisky.

The Benromach 10 has dedicate smoke and sweet cherry aroma, probably came from the final year of Oloroso casks.

Besides, it has juicy rasberries, creamy malt, dark chocolate, orange peels and cinnamon.

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