I Custodi Etna Rosso

以前喝過意大利西西里的酒,都是酒精高、比較爆的。很喜歡Mario 帶來的 I Custodi Etna Rosso。

充滿礦物質的Etna 火山土壤及日夜的溫差令酒的礦物味及酸度強勁。


Love the Enta Rosso brought by Mario Paoluzi of the I Custodi from Sicily, Italy.

Unlike the Sicilian wine i have tasted before, the Etna wine have very beautiful acidity because of the diurnal temperature of the region.

The rich vocannic soil gave powerful mine

rals and conplexity to the wine.

The Aetneus Etna Rosso was made from the grapes of old vines which aged up to 150 years old, impressed by its complexity, balance and acidity.

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