BenRiach and Glendronach Whisky

作為一個威士忌初哥,那天從 BenRiach 和 Glendronach 的品牌大使 Stewart Buchanan先生身上學到的真的不少。

他除了介紹了品牌的歷史故事和造酒特色之外,今次還特地帶來資了香港暫未發售的BenRiach Single Cask 1988 Vintage Cask #4000 和 GlenDronach 24 years “Grandeur”。

兩支都是非常純厚的,但最深刻的是那支在葡萄牙Tawny Port 舊木桶陳年了24年的BenRiach Single Cask 1988 Vintage Cask #4000 了。

Tawny Port以前 喝過很多次,而這支特別是既有威士忌的蜜糖, creme brulee及椰子味,又有port 的紅果,乾果味道,實在令人難忘。


It’s a great pleasure having the great lecture with Stewart Buchanan, the Brand Ambassador of The BenRiach and GlenDronach Distillery.

Stewart told us a lot about the stories of the distilleries and the production of their whisky.

He also brought us The BenRiach Single Cask 1988 Vintage Cask #4000 24 Years and The GlenDronach 24 years “Grandeur” , which is is not available for sale in the market at the moment. That was an extraordinary experience as a novice in Whisky.

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