Georgian wines


另一重大發現是格魯吉亞的白葡萄酒,這次試的有Rkatsiteli 及Goruli Mtsvane。印象最深的是它們的優雅花香,活躍的酸度,平衡造得很好。

它們有些運用傳統的地底陶製酒罈釀酒,好像是Marani Satrapezo 10 kvevri。亦有新派的Chateau Mukharni Reserve Du Prince Goruli Mtsvane利用全新的高加索橡木桶釀製。

Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, archaeologists found wine production site there from over 8,000 years ago.

Georgian wine is famous for its indigenous grapes, Saperavi is one of the most well known red grapes. The red wines are intensive in fruit flavor, mainly black fruit, the tannin is medium to high but quite soft, also have spices on finish.

Another highlight of Georgian wine are the white wines. The grapes are Rkatsiteli and Goruli Mtsvane, both of them gave good balance, lively acidity and floral note to the wines.

They have traditional method with use clay wine vessels “Kvevri” buried under the winery’s earthen floor, like The Marani Satrapezo 10 kvevri, also have new style using new Caucasian Oak Barrels, like the Chateau Mukharni Reserve Du Prince Goruli Mtsvane.


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