Soalheiro Alvarinho Sparkling Wine

忍不住手開了這支葡萄牙Alvarinho 氣泡酒。喝了一口,心裡十分激動,不枉我從澳門拖你們回來。


這支Soalheiro的Sparkling, 酒體中上,要果有果,要酸有酸,還附送Alvarinho 的特色花香和超強的礦物味,質感大大加強了。


看網頁介紹,原來是用香檳的瓶內二次發酵,怪不得氣泡比一般sparkling 細密而悠長。



Opened an extraordinary Sparkling Alvarinho from Portugual, amazing acidity, power citrus and peachy fruit flavor with medium body.


The most impressive character was the foral notes and the minerality !


According to the webpage, it was made with methode champenoise, that’s the reason for the fine and long lasting bubbles.

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