Champagne Vilmart & Cie

翻查資料才知道Champagne Vilmart & Cie享負盛名,有「窮人Krug」*之稱,雖然我認為對此莊有失尊敬,原來她們是其中一家最早用橡木桶發酵與陳年的香檳莊。這支Vilmart Grand Cellier D’Or 2010的原酒在225公升的橡木桶發酵,在橡木桶陳年10個月, Chardonnay 和Pinot Noir 調配大概八二之比,及後在瓶中進行二次發酵,陳年5年才除渣上市。

是晚配日本菜,這香檳的青蘋果酸度配炸物去油解膩, 烤麵包香味配燒物則襯托了炭燒香味, 餘韻的柚子味和礦物味,配新鮮的刺身就不用多說了。

Found that Vilmart et Cie has been called the “poor man’s Krug.”*, not sure if Vilmart like it though. The gained their reputation as they are one of the very few Champagne house which use barrel during fermentation. 85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir from a single old vine plot in Rilly, aged for 10 months in 228 litre barrels.

Pairing with Japanese food tonight, without malolactic fermentation, the acidity is sharp like green apple, which blended with the oily deep fried shrimp very well, the complex nutty and toasty note raised the charcoal flavor of the BBQ dishes. Needly to say, its mineral and yuzu flavor with it’s length was a perfect match of the fresh sashimi.

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