James Suckling’s Great Wines of The World

很久以前看Wine Spectator的短片,就知道James Suckling,看的都是品評他的強項意大利酒。著名酒評家(或其團隊)的品酒筆記很好看,他們飲多識廣,是很好的學習對象,雖然那些分數,我是極少參考的。

James Suckling 這個Great Wines of The World 試飲,將所有大莊包裝起來容易不過,所以我故意尋找大莊之外的精品,結果沒有令人失望,尤其是意大利的選擇。

Knew the name of James Suckling while watching the movie clips of Wine Spectator long time ago, especially for Italian wines.

As a sceptic on the scores, i prefer judging on my own palate. James showcased some really good wines except those big labels during his Great Wines of The World tasting event, especially the Italian wines selection.

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