Gaia Gaja

Nebbiolo 是以花香著名的意大利葡萄,不過同時高酸高單寜,不是人人喜歡。

於是 Gaja便造了這支Sito Moresco ,Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon和Merlot 大概各三分一。

既可享受Nebbiolo的芳香紅果高酸,又可有Cab Merlot 的骨架,較適合即時飲用。

認識Gaia於幾年前的訪問,到現在原來Gaja已是我最多bottle sketch 的酒莊了。


Nebbiolo is famous for its delicate floral smell, but its robust acidity and high tannin made it bot easy to be approached. Gaja made a more approachable win Sito Moresco by blending roughly equil amount of Nebbiolo , Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

As a result, the wine has the floral nose and acidity of Nebbiolo and the backbone of Cab Merlot. Knew Gaia few years ago during an interview a few years ago, just found that Gaja’s wine is having the most bottle sketch in the moment.

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