Langton’s Fine Wines Classified 葡萄酒

第一次同場見那麼多Langton’s Fine Wines Classified 葡萄酒的地方,凡是榜上有名的都是在拍賣市場有價有市的Fine Wine,名氣自然也大。

1990年當澳洲酒還是方興未艾的時候,入選Langton’s Classification的只有34支,到2014年已經有139支了,可見澳洲酒的發展速度。


Clarendon Hills Astralis 2004 口感豐富而幼細;Katnook Coonawarra 有陣陣芬芳的尤加利葉而沒有青澀味。驚喜的有Domaine A,是喝過最好的塔斯曼亞酒。

The first time i saw so many Langton’s Classified wines in a single event, entry into the Classification is based on a wine’s reputation and track record at auction.

With the boom of Australian wine, the number of classified wine growth from 34 wines during the inaugural in 1990 to 139 wines in 2014.

Basically they’re all fruit driven, but they are unexpectedly complex. Clarendon Hills Astralis 2004 is powerful with delicate tannin; Katnook Coonawawwa had my favourite aroma of Eucalyptus but it’s not green at all; Finally the most surprising is the Domaine A from Tasmania, which is the best that i have tasted from that region.

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