Eden Rift Vineyard

朋友有新搞作,之前說Santa Clara 只會聯想起附近的矽谷,但她説原來這個地方曾經是美國酒中心。

朋友說想尋回昔日經典美國酒的味道,所以她買了這個Eden Rift Vineyards,很高興的是這幾款酒都並非滿口RP味:


Pinot Noir 紅果味為主輕身酸度夠,可惜沒有試到Reseve Pinot Noir;

最幸運的是有機會一試到一支非常出色的Zinfandel, 可惜來自老樹產量極少,未必會在香港有售。


Tasted some great wines from my friend’s recent renovated winery Eden Rift.

Santa Clara, Monterey and San Benito were once the focus of American winemaking in mid 20th century.

Chardonnay was impressive, excellent usage of oak which gave harmonious mouth-feel.

The Pinot Noir was fruit driven with sour cherries and a little gamay hint.

I was lucky to have the chance to taste this great Zinfandel from the old vines , too bad that it will probably not available as the production was too limited.

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