Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery的Cuvée Catharine Brut NV

上次加拿大帶回了一箱Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery的酒一直未開,當中有兩支Champagne Method 造的Sparkling,

其中一支Cuvée Catharine Brut NV 早幾個月在香港的試飲喝過,一般,果味為主,酸度是夠的,有點失望。

反正已經沒有期望,就兩支一次開了吧,支NV Brut 的,維持原判,但另外那支Vintage Blanc de Blanc 實在太有驚喜了。

這支是2008 Vintage 叫 “Carte Blanche”,全是手摘的Chardonnay,第二次發酵長達 60個月,是NV的兩倍。


Tasted the Cuvée Catharine Brut NV of Henry of Pelham in the Canadian Wine tasting in Hong Kong few months ago, that was a fruit driven, balanced sparkling made with Champagne Method, not so impressive.

In the sampling case of this winery, I have this and a blanc de blanc, I opened them both for comparison, the Blanc de Blanc surprised me.

The vintage 2008 Blanc de Blanc “Carte Blanche” was almost full body with intense citrus fruit, fabulous acidity and yeasty flavour, impressive length came with the minerals.

It has a 60 months secondary fermantation which was doubled the NV one.

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