Château Béla Riesling 2012

本年度最後悔開了這支Château Béla Riesling 2012。老實說當年買這支酒是因為網上看錯誤以為是Egon Müller,收到後才發現是他們在Slovakia斯洛伐克的酒。原本打算清理酒櫃,不過喝了一口便後悔了。這支2012年的Dry Riesling 正屬壯年,果味充沛、酸度依然強勁,開始有一點點乾果,蜜餞等香味。如能再等幾年一定十分精彩,可惜已經開了。

Opened a bottle of youthful Château Belá Riesling 2012 from Slovakia. The acidity, citrus fruit and fresh flower flavour indicated that there were still high potential for further aging, and i opened it , what a pity.

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