Wine Of Women Festival


Debra Meiburg, Master of Wine 這個Wine Of Women 活動將各行各業頂尖的女性集中在一起談酒,實在壯觀。

活動中第一次 試中國寧夏銀色高地Silver Heights Vineyard闕歌2013年,酒體中上果香新鮮,清爽乾淨,還見到首席釀酒師兼莊主高原 女士。

另外名人釀酒師廖碧兒和她的Bellavizio Bordeaux Blanc 2012也在場,她的波爾多白酒酒體圓潤,帶有異國香草味。

Never under-estimated the “Girl Power” in the wine industry as I knew so many taleted and succesful female winemakers, winery owners, wine critics and wine writers.

Debra Meiburg MW brought together many of the leading ladies in different fields, to share about wines.

Met celebrity winemaker Ms Bernice Liu with her Bellavizio Bordeaux Blanc 2012 and Winemaker of Silver Heights, Ms Emma Gao during the event.

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