Wine High Club Luncheon

Found some beautiful wine during the Wine High Club Luncheon with the winemakers. Next to me was Clemens Busch, the owner of the Weingut Clemens Busch.

I like his Riesling Trocken GG “Fahrlay” 2011, which a similar classification like the Grand Cru in French wine.

Also like the Champagne Jacquinot & Fils , Celler master Jean-Manuel Jacquinot told me that the average aging time on lees for thier NV Champagne is 36 months and a minimum of 10 years for Vintange Champagne!

續上,紅酒方面驚喜的是這支2006年的 Cocito Barbaresco Baluchin Reserva,相當平衡,果味豐富,有花香味,又不會太重身,適合女士喝。

另外這支Azelia 的Barolo 2004,亦相當精彩,相對於以上的barbaresco, 這支是一位年輕溫柔的壯男。

For red wines, I like this Cocito Barbaresco Baluchin 2006, it’s very elegant and balance which is suitable for female drinkers.

On the other had, the Azelia Barolo 2004, very powerful, intense fruit and tannin, have aging potential too. Wine High Club

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