Viña Almaviva新年份

對於Viña Almaviva,印象最深是單寧,力度強但相當順滑,喝新年份也不會太harsh。







Almaviva 2008自倒進杯中不停變化,從一開始緊閉到慢慢開放,果比較熟,有輕微的雲尼拿味。





Almaviva is one of the most well known Bordeaux blends from Chile, we have tasted the newly released Almaviva 2014 alongside with 2008 and 2003:

Almaviva 2014 shown its exceptional balance and smooth tannin as a new wine;

2013 was a well decanted vintage with shows it’s potnetial of aging, lot of spices, herbs and animal tone.

For the 2008 one, i witness the amazing change of the aroma and taste of the wine within my glass.

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