Viña Almaviva二十週年試飲

《成長》- 有了小孩才發現,見證成長和脫變是一件非常神奇的事。今年20週年的Vinexpo有兩個莊令我印象深刻。去了智利名莊Viña Almaviva的二十週年試飲,首席Michel Friou釀酒師選了當中具代表性的10年份,當中有的好年如2007,果味充足,陳年潛力強;亦有困難的年份如02 及04 ,不乏草青味但整體亦做得平衡有致。無論是順境還是逆境都盡力做好自己,堅守原則,亦是成長必經過程。 最愛96,01,07,及11。

Witnessing the growth of my kid is the most amazing thing that I have experienced. In the Vinexpo, I have luckily joined tastings which allowed me to review the growth of the wineries. In the 20th Anniversary tasting of Almaviva, Michel Friou, Head Winemaker of Almaviva have chosen 10 vintages, there were great vintage which shown complexity, intense fruit with great ageing potential, and difficult vintages which still shown its balance and elegance. It shown Almaviva’s constant dedication to excellence and their capabilities to deal with difficult times.

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