Sotheby’s pre-auction tasting

在香港蘇富比試了一批法國頂級波爾多酒莊的酒,包括不少來自偉大年份的名酒。試飲後發現有些已經適合飲用,亦有些尚有強大濳力,正在心思思會否在今個星期六日到會展拍些心頭好,尤其當波爾多酒從天價回落了一點的時候,我們這些用家有望可以bid到些心頭好。Château Latour 2003 可以開始享用,而小瑪歌Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux 2008 則相當抵飲。

一向以為Napa wine只有一個爆字。同一天在蘇富比試了著名美國Cult Wine, Bond Estates 的酒,最喜歡的是ST.EDEN 2001, 酒造得十分平衡,單寧細致,而且味道非常複雜,很多的香料和皮革的味道。蘇富比在這個星期日(十月四日)的拍賣中便會有來自Harlan 和Bond 的酒莊即送拍賣,還有莊主親筆簽名。


Been to a pre-auction tasting of the Sotheby’s, all big names from Bordeaux. I found some of them are ready to drink and some even have great aging potential.  It’s good time for drinkers like us to bid some of the legendary wines in current price level. The auction would be held on 3-4 Oct at HKCEC Info:

On the second day of Sotheby’s wine auction (4 Oct), there would be collection from the Harlan Estate and BOND Estate, all bottles signed by Bill Harlan(Harlan Estate) and Cory Empting (BOND)

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