Vina Santa Rita Casa Real 的垂直試飲

想不到剛看完英國電視節目The Wine Show介紹,就有機會參加 Vina Santa Rita 的Casa Real 的垂直試飲。Casa Real 是一支只有出色年份才出品的Cabernet Sauvignon,2005年的單在杯中已經香氣四溢、有黑果,香料、尤加利葉香氣,加上細滑的單寧和酸完美地融合,整體感覺豐滿而優雅。1998年和1995年均表現出陳年潛力,充滿陳年普洱,乾梅、皮革的香氣,不愧為智利名酒。 釀酒師由片中的Cecilia Torres 換了年青的Sebastián Labbé, 原來是前Viña Carmen總釀酒師。


It’s a pleasure joining the vertical tasting of Chile’s iconic wine Santa Rita Casa Real Cabernet Sauvignon with the newly appointed winemaker Sebastián Labbé. The fruit flavour is intense but the style is very elegant, with a lot of spices including Eucalyptus and pepper. The vintage 1998 and 1995 demonstrated the aging potential, gamy and leathery tertiary flavors with dried plums and tea leaves and excellent aftertaste.

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