午飯時間,從會展走過灣仔碼頭新開的築地山貴水產市場,試試朋友開的麵包店 RISE SEAFOOD。



雖然那個地方只有清酒和梅酒沒有葡萄酒,不過我仍然建議可以用比較清爽和有點礦物味的酒配襯龍蝦包,例如是Petit Chablis 和dry Riesling。海膽包我則認為帶烤烘味,酸度高的香檳才可以招架。

10 minutes walk from the wine fair to the Yamataka Seafood Market , 2/F Wanchai Ferry Pier. I went to grab a lunch in my friend’s restaurant Rise Seafood.

Their signature dishes are the French lobster roll and the Sea urchin bun. I will use crispy and refreshing wine like Petit Chablis or Dry Riesling to pair with the fresh lobster and on the other hand, I will use A high acidity and toasty Champagne to pair with the rich and intensely flavored Sea urchin bun.

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