One Day for Bourgogne Wines 試飲會

引 BIVB 對2014艱年Burgundy 酒的總結是”All The Makings of a GREAT Year”,而2015年的,則只有兩字:”Simply Sublime”,那不是神檯級嗎?

昨日在”One Day for Bourgogne Wines”一個試飲會試了一些2015年酒。紅白都極具表現力,果味成熟而濃郁,甚有陳年潛力。

因怕酸而不喝Chablis的朋友可以找2015的Chablis 來試一下,我覺得酸度是比較低一點。今個星期是Bourgogne Week, Cru Magazine 星期六(3月4日) 有一個品酒活動,有專業講師加二十多款Burgundy酒,值得推介。

BIVB summarized the 2014 vintage as:”All the makings of a great year” and it’s just 2 words for 2015 vintage :”Simply Sublime!”.

Tasted some Borgogne 2015 during the “One Day for Bourgogne Wines” tasting. They are well structured, expressive with wonderful ripe fruit, great aging potential.

For people who don’t like the sharp acidity of Chablis, you can try the 2015 vintage.

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