Mas de Daumas Gassac的Cuvée Emile Peynaud 2007

Mas de Daumas Gassac的酒是出色的法國Languedoc葡萄酒沒錯,不過我印象最深刻的卻是以故傳奇Languedoc人物Aimé Guibert 的兒子Basile Guibert 的一席話。

他説Labguedoc 得天獨厚,沒有所謂不好的年份,唯一的危機正是天氣太好,很多酒莊都懶隋了,因此酒質良莠不齊,只有提醒自己在先天條件充足的情況下也要不停努力才可以造到好酒。

正是中國人說生於憂患、死於安樂。難得有機會試了只有1,600支的Cuvée Emile Peynaud 2007,100% Cabernet Sauvignon, 層次豐富,真是與別不同的Languedoc 。

The Mas De Daumas Gassac is undoubtly the best Languedoc wine that I have ever tasted. However what impressed me was the passion of Mr Basile Guibert.

Mr. Guibert said Languedoc got all the good factors to make good wines, which is also a temptation for wineries not moving forward. I think this is the reason they made such outstanding wines.

Had a precious opportunity to taste the Cuvée Emile Peynaud 2006, just simply couldn’t believe that was 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The palate is dense and chewy, acidity is balanced leading to a spicy finish. Such a remarkable example of Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

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