Aberfeldy 、Aultmore 、Craigellachie distillery

Aberfeldy Distillery、Aultmore distillery 、Craigellachie distillery三個都是 John Dewar & Sons 旗下的品牌,放在一起試飲,原來三者各有很特別的特性,比較起上來相當有趣。

Aberfeldy 的水源含砂金沈積,因此別名叫”The Golden Dram”。他有很香的蜜糖味,原來是因為他的發酵時間長達70小時,因此香味複雜。

相反Aultmore 給我的感覺是清新直接,可能是因為他是用unpeated malt barley的關係吧。

我比較喜歡的是Craigellachie, 蒸餾間仍使用傳統的老式蟲管 (worm tub) 冷卻烈酒,與銅的接觸較少,有點點皮革,加上他的signature, 淡淡硫黃味、很是刺激,

Aberfeldy、Aultmore、Craigellachie are the brands owned by John Dewar & Sons Ltd.

I am pleased to find that each of them has a very distinct character which can identify themselves. Aberfeldy is known as “The Golden Dram” for the gold and minerals in their water source, It is also famous for it’s particular honeyed notes which came from longer fermentation.

On the contrary, i found the Aultmore more sharp snd pure, maybe that’s the water source and the unprated malted barley. Last but not least, I prefer the Craigellachie, for its more complex flavor and a bit stimulating Sulphury smoke.

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