Franciacorta Sparkling Wines Masterclass

終於開始上兩星期香港酒展見聞。特別的不算太多但都有不少值得分享的。一早到達會展聽了朋友意大利酒專家JC Viens 講Franciacorta 氣泡酒。



Reserva 等級的甚至長達60個月,怪不得Tenute La Montina Reserva Baiana Pas Dosé 2007 有如此濃厚複雜的味道:乾果、烤烘、微煙燻,如酸度再高一點便更加理想了。

Attended the “Discover Franciacorta” seminar conducted by Italian wine expert JC during the last HKIWSF.

I have been a fan if this region because sometimes they make better Méthode Champenoise sparkling wines then any other place including some “Champage House”.

In fact, the minimum required maturation on lees is 18 months for Franciacorta Non-vintage (NV) wines, which is more strict than the 12 months of NV Champagne.

It is because they think that 18 month is the optimum time to allow the formation of the autolytic flavors.

That’s how the La Montina Reserva Baiana Pas Dosé 2007 got its complexity, toastiness. dried fruit flavours, I would love it even more if it has a higher acidity.

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