Domaines Schlumberger from Alsace

今次帶我回到Alsace的是Domaines Schlumberger的莊主Alain Beydon-Schlumberger。

這個來自阿爾薩斯南部Guebwiller地區的一個大莊,全部採用自家葡萄,有過半田地皆落在Grand Cru 之上。

Pinot Gris Grand Cru Spiegel 2012實在好喝,最典型的煙燻,西柚之外,還有啤梨的看氣。果、酸、香料、礦物大融合,口感濃厚而和諧。Gewurztraminer Grand cru Kitterle 2010 則是微甜之選, 聞到荔枝、 香草、花香 和薑的香味,濃厚的梨子帶點柚子味,口感複雜。


It was an honor to meet Mr. Alain Beydon-Schlumberger , ceo of the Domaines Schlumberger ,which is located in Guebwiller, southern Alsace.

All of the wines are produced by the self-grown grapes, half of their vineyard are on the 4 Alsace Grand Crus.

The Pinot Gris Grand Cru Spiegel is the most impressive one, except the classic citrus and smoky flavour of the Pinot Gris, the good acidity came with ripe pears and guava and then minerally finished.

The Gewurztraminer Grand cru Kitterle 2010 would be loved by most ladies, the palate is full, rich and intense, with elegant rose and lychee flavor.

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