Domaine Julien Sunier的 “Fleurie” 2009

這支Domaine Julien Sunier的 “Fleurie” 2009 來自法國 Beaujolais ,和Beaujolais Nouveau完全不同的感覺,這支用Gamay 葡萄釀的就雖都是果味先行,但花香味十分明顯,而且果味及餘韻皆強而有力。用來配我花了8小時慢煮的黑毛豬叉燒相當不錯。這片梅頭肉質嫩滑,不需太重的單寧 ; 這酒的酸度正好配合黑毛豬的油份。

Domaine Julien Sunier “Fleurie” 2009 from Beaujolais, use Gamay grapes but compleltly different from Beaujolais Nouveau. Also fruit driven but this wine has obvious floral and spicy nose , high acidity and great length. Good pairing with my homemade Slowcook (8 hours) BBQ Iberico pork.

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