Dal Forno Romano Amarone

美麗的事物往往是出於一連串的偶然。偶然發現風乾後的葡萄可以釀出美味的Recioto甜酒,而偶然下發酵過長又出現了乾身紅酒。雖然Valpolicella Superiore和Amarone della Valpolicella是兩個不同的級數,但Dal Forno Romano 製造兩款酒的步驟完全一樣,只是樹齡,風乾和陳釀時間不同,所以分別不是質素,而是風格上。

今次有機會垂直試2006-2011年實在難得。喜歡2010, 2007 年的Valpolicella有濃郁的布霖,山楂果味,酸度及單寜極高、帶有甜香料的味道;


極佳的年份才會釀造的 Vigna Sere 2004 充滿澎拜的香料和香草,層次相當複雜之餘又很爽快。

It was a precious opportunity to have this vertical tasting of the wines of the Dal Forno with its export manager Mr Marco Pinna. Love the 2007 and 2010 vintage of the Valpolicella Superiore, i felt the elegance, balance and complexity from them.

For the Amarone della Valpolicella, I like vintage 2008, which was more intense and contains more herbs and ripe, dried fruits. The most surprising one was Vigna Sere 2004 which got generous spices, herbs and dried fruits, all characters well integrated, complex and perfectly balanced.

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