Coravin 取酒器

我沒有用保存產品的需要,因為通常一支一次已喝完。不過出外食飯確實實見過因為Coravin, 餐廳可以賣高檔次的wine by glass, 試貴酒不再是收藏家的專利。這個倒酒工具,不用打開木塞,氬氣從微細的導管導入,然後抽出裡面的酒。我試玩過很容易上手,原來它們又出了用來decant 的插頭,適合身邊沒有decanter,或怕洗decanter的朋友。

First time using Coravin, very easy to operate and pour some wines from the bottle without opening the cork. I don’t need it personally as i usually finish up the full bottle but thanks for Coravin, I found more fine wine by glass in the restaurants because of this equipment, which is a great news for wine lovers.


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