Cloudy Bay 的Te Wahi 2014

繼續我的Pinot Noir 尋找之旅,去到Moet Hennessy的攤位找Jim White,他是Cloudy Bay的Viticulturist,他給我試飲了最新的Te Wahi 2014.。

第一個用自家在Central Otago的Calvert 和Northburn葡萄造的,有錢就是任性,這樣就拿了Felton Road 和 Craggy Range的其中一些貨源.。

味道確是與之前喝過的Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 不同,這支不會一喝便知是新西蘭Pinot Noir那種,果味收斂,礦物味和層次多點,有Gevrey Chambertin的感覺。

另外的Bonus 是他在枱底拿了支MHD在香格里拉造的「傲雲」給我試飲,酒體較輕,紅果為主,有明顯的花/香草味。


Keep exploring Pinot Noir, met Jim White, Viticulturist of Cloudy Bay at Moët Hennessy’s booth, he let me tasted the Te Wahi 2014, which is the first vintage using their owned sources in Northburn, and Calvert Vineyard, which also supplies grapes for Felton Road and Craggy Range.

The fruit is gorgeous and really elegant, with complexity and lot of minerals, made me think about the Gevrey Chambertin.

As a bonus, I had the chance the “Ao Yun” , the wine which is made in Shangri-La, the quality is good, it’s a Bordeaux blend but didn’t taste like Bordeaux, lighter in body, more on red fruit and more obvious floral / herbal nose.

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