Château Palmer Tasting @Sotheby’s

偏愛Merlot的我一直很喜歡Château Palmer,今次Sotheby’s Hong Kong這個Château Palmer拍賣有兩大亮點:想買2015年新酒的可以選擇拍一桶225公升的,然後就有300支750ml,還可以印自己的名字在酒瓶背標上。

想買舊年份的可以選世紀波爾多年份1961,這支Palmer 1961除了 You know who 給了100分之外,根據前莊主Bertrand Bouteiller憶述,1961年是他和父親Jean Bouteiller 合作釀成的,更是Château Palmer 重振聲威的作品,因此別具意義。

這次試飲了,先聞到的是皮革,然後花香撲鼻,有少許像五花茶,一點點Earl Grey的香味,凌厲的酸度和果味依然,




Date: 4 Jun 2016 12:00 noon Venue: Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery

Two major points to highlight of this Sotheby’s Château Palmer Auction:

First, if you want to buy the latest vintage 2015, buy A 225-Litre Barrel, then you will have 300 bottles of personalized Palmer 2015.

Besides, if you are interested in rare and mature one, try the Bordeaux exceptional vintage 1961 , which was made by the former wine maker Bertrand Bouteiller and his father Jean Bouteiller.

The 1961 vintage was also a legendary Château Palmer which re-established the status of Palmer as one of the greatest Bordeaux wines.

Tasted the 1961 vintage, very intense nose with leather, Chinese floral herbs and a little bit earl grey fragrance.

On palate, acidity and fruitiness is still going strong, dried fruit and very smooth tannin, like silk and very gentle touch on your palate.

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