Château Montrose Wine Dinner

Food and wine pairing has long been a difficult topic, there are standard rules but they’re “Too simple, sometimes naive” , especially pairing with wines with their own characters, i.e. Saint-Estèphe winery Château Montrose this time.

What impressed me the most was the marinated baby pigeon, which tasted differently when pairing with Château Tronquoy-Lalande Blanc 2012 and its Rouge 2010.

We had great time with Mr. Herve Berland, CEO of the Chateau Montrose, he said he was retired but he was just like the Chateau Montrose 2005, intense, agressive and powerful.

That’s great potential for further aging. The Chateau Montrose 1998 was the oldest Saint-Estèphe that I have ever tasted.

The nose is simply a farmyard with leathers and herbs, on palate it’s complex with Chinese herbs on finish. It’s ready to drink now but can be aged for at least 10 years more. #omtisfinewines

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