Château Chauvin wine dinner

著名左岸Cazes家族的Sylvie Cazes 2014 年進軍右岸買了Château Chauvin。


那晩喝的是2014年前的酒,都是前莊主做的,很好喝,但仍期待地找了老拍檔Philippe Moureau造的2014年,以及她的新酒標。

Had some elegant and energetic right-bank Bordeaux, which is exactly like the guest, Sylvie Cazes, from the legendary Cazes family.

Sylvie Cazes and her 3 children became the owner of the Chateau Chauvin since 2014 so the wines that we tasted this time was made by the ex-owner Ondet family.

Looking forward to the new vintage 2014, with the new label and new wine which would be produced by Philippe Moureau.

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