Champagne Lanson

Vinexpo 2014之後,再見Champagne Lanson的釀酒師Hervé Dantan,而代理剛轉了Enoteca Wine Shop Hong Kong。

Hervé 多次強調香檳最重要的是清爽與複雜性之間取得平衡。不作乳酸發酵(Malolactic fermentation)保存真實的果味,用較長的陳釀時間去提升複雜性。個人喜歡Lanson 的Extra Age Brut NV, 有較明顯的花香味。

好年份Vintage 2002的Noble Cuvee Brut 不用多說,花,果和礦物味大爆發。

而最後的Vintage Collection Brut 1990, 竟然較我上次試的1976 更加成熟,更多冬菇乾果的味道。

This is the second time i meet Mr Herve Dantan, the Wine Maker of Champagne Lanson. Last time we tasted the Lanson Vintage Collection 1976 during the Vinexpo 2014. With the new distributor Enoteca, we tasted other labels including all the NV Champagnes, vintage 2002 and the Vintage Collection Brut 1990. Mr Dantan emphasis repeatedly concerning the balance between the freshness and complexity. The absence of malolactic fermentation preserved the true fruit flavor, their complexity was gained through the significantly longer aging time than other Champagnes.

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