[HKIWSF 2017] hampagne Alexandre Le Brun

原本沒有時候試法國酒,不過機緣巧合下試了這支Champagne Alexandre Le Brun 的香檳。整體質素非常好,最特別的是那支Révélation 100%的Pinot Menuier 的2009年年份香檳。除了果味酸度出色,非常creamy 和餘韻有umami 鮮味,非常值得推介,only 1200 bottles不知香港找到入口商了沒有。


Impressed by Révélation, Vintage 2009 Champagne from the Champagne Alexandre Le Brun, 100% Pinot Menuier which is my favourite. On palate it’s intense, a lot of floral and spicy notes, creamy and savory. Only 1,200 bottles available, I hope I can drink it again in Hong Kong soon.

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