Cambria Winery 的Pinot Noir

上次在Enoteca 的Cambria Winery Tasting 認識了Dimitri Mesnard MS,他是Jackson Family Wines 的International Brand Ambassador 。


這支叫 Carmel Road Winery(Monterey)的不錯,平衡不太爆、果味夠、價錢不俗。

另外喜歡的是 Land’s Edge Vineyard(Sonoma)的不錯,相當Elegant。

上次Tasting 沒有的Cambria Tepusquet Vineyard 的Viognier 也試了,香味相當豐富。

First met Dimitri Mensnard MS in a Cambria Tasting , he is the International Brand Ambassador of the Jackson Family Wines so I came for more Pinot Noir from him.

The Carmel Road of Monterey is nice, fruit driven, balanced and good price. On the other hand, the Land’s Edge Vineyard from Sonoma is elegant, nice acidity and minerality.

This time i have tasted the Viognier of Cambria Tepusquet Vineyard, very complex and floral on the nose.

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