Bond Estates Wine Lunch

很欣賞美國Bond Estates 有類同Grand Cru 和Single Vineyard 的特色:各個葡葡園也有不同的風格。Melbury 如絲般幼滑,優雅帶紫羅蘭香和紅果味道。Quella 比較男性化,單寧較壯,黑果為主。St. Eden 則是女性化的,單寧帶甜而細滑;Vecina 是最像典型napa wine 的那種full body intense fruit but high acidity 最喜歡的是Pluribus 1100呎以上,酸度夠朱古力香料, 收結複雜悠長。甚至有點波爾多Pauillac。

Thank you Scott Gould, Director of Bond Estates and Altaya Wines

I like their wines because it has a portfolio of wines that are diverse in terroir, each of them has unique characters like different “Grand Cru” . Melbury has a round body, elegant and smooth texture. Quella more masculine more powerful on body, tannin and black fruit character. St Eden is on the other hand more feminine, more gentle with sweet tannin and dark chocolate flavors. Among them, Vecina was the most napa for me, powerful tannin, intense black fruit flavors impresses me. I liked Pluribus the most among them, with vineyards located elevation over 1100 feet, the acidity was the most delicate , with black plum ,coffee and cedar, which reminded me a bottle of nice Pauillac

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