Sparkling Rose Blind Tasting

能夠一次過品嚐十幾支來自不同國家,不同造法的的Sparkling Rośe 真是難得。好處是可以作出有系統的比較,相當有趣。整理資料需時,以後將陸續與大家分享。

這支意大利的La Colombaia Rosato Ancestrale不是全晚最高分數的酒,但卻是我最喜歡的。

最難忘的是它悠長的餘韻帶有蜜糖,紅棗,果仁等等覆雜的味道。後來搜查資料,發現原本此酒是用Method Ancestrale,看Ancestral,這字,很可能是祖先傳下來的。方法是在第一次發酵


Very inspiring blind tasting of sparkling rośe in the world with HKWS! The wine list included different kinds of grapes and different winemaking methods.

This La Colombaia Rosato Ancestrale wasn’t ranked the highest by all other members, but this was my #1 wine. Couldn’t forget it’s honey, dates, nutty and complex finish. Afterwards, I found that this sparkling wine use Method Ancestrale. Methode Ancestrale is a sparkling wine method where the primary fermentation is not fully achieved when the wine is bottled, the gas is then produced by the remaining grape’s sugar, No additional sugar and yeast was added.

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