Bernard Magrez

沒錯Bernard Magrez是生意人,手上擁有四個法國Grand Cru Classé,無人能及;另外他的六十個酒莊,分佈全世界,今次見到連日本的甲州(Magrez Aruga)也有,味道不錯。

現在他將旗下四個Grand Cru Classé包裝做旅遊項目,可以住酒莊,在?面吃飯,又要Private Tour。我看過有Package, 兩日一夜住在Château Pape Clément ,包食住又有得玩,大概八百多Euro兩位,個Package 真的不錯。

而且,在競爭激烈的波爾多酒市場如果可以在一眾Big Names 下突圍?除了那幾個人買我買的名字之外,就是回憶:這自己在那裡住過玩過,有空買來回味一下和介紹朋友一下。

生意人有策略、眼光和口碑,看著精美的酒莊旅遊Package, 喝一口超班Château Pape Clément白酒,和聽到他賣了中國的酒莊,就明白為什麼他那樣知名。

Mr. Bernard Magrez is the legandary owner of four Bordeaux Grand Cru Grand Cru Classé and over 60 wineries all over the world. Other than that , Mr Magrez extended the enjoyment from your palate to the luxury wine tourism experience.

I have read the menu, there is a package staying in the Château Pape Clément with breakfast, dinner and wine tasting, which is 8xx Euro for two, which is quite value for money.

What keep wine drinkers sticking on your labels except the investment value? Maybe it is the good memories which they had during the stay in the Château.

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