Andrew Calliard MW’s Mataro

I always enjoy exploring the world of single varietal, this time I found Mataro, looked new at first sight but if its name is Europe is Mourvèdre, and Monastrell, sounds more famililar?

In France, especially southern Rhone, it plays a very significant role in blending the wines like Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

And in Australia, Mataro is the “M” of the popular blend known as GSM.

Mr. Andrew Calliard MW discovered its poential and made a single varietal Caillard Wine Mataro in Barossa.

The wine is aromatic, full of ripe fruit and floral notes.

Despite its alcohol level, the mouth feel so balanced with the fruit and acidity, body is therefore moderate.

Especially like the Mataro 2011(which is in the sketch) and the 2009.

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