《A Very Hungry Caterpillar》- Julia Kemper Wines

《A Very Hungry Caterpillar》
Julia Kemper Wines在她的iPhone 內翻出一張毛蟲的照片,原來正是酒標上的毛蟲,原來她有機造酒的理念就是希望這條A Very Hungry Caterpillar可以在生物多樣化的環境下生長。

網上有人取笑Vinexpo 有個World of Organic Wine (WoW) 展區,講的大概是酒原本就應該是Organic 造出來的,所以要寫明Organic 根本是可笑的。是挺可笑的但又很可悲:現代工業科技發達急功近利造假冒牌無日無之。宣揚Organic 可能是Gimmick ,但同時也是鼓勵生產者,尤其當你認識真心愛護Terroir 的人。

P.S.: 這條毛蟲正名叫 deilephila elpenor caterpillar (elephant hawk moth caterpillar)

Julia shown me a photo from her iPhone, a beautiful Elpenor caterpillar, which is the same as the one printed on the wine label of her Elpenor organic Dao wine. Many producers may go organic and biodynamics for certifications, labels and gimmicks, but Julia adopted organic farming because she truly believes in the respect for Earth and biodiversity. When I tasted this elegant wine respectfully.

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